The association

Associazione Equilibrio, non-profit organization created in 1996, is the first Italian association working in the development and in the creation of extra-judicial methods for the dispute resolution in a wide range of action (negotiation and commercial mediation; arbitration; environmental, urban growth, social and school mediation), through the research work, the formation and the creation of mediation centres.

Associazione Equilibrio offers a reliable, effective and professionally conducted formation, thanks to the consolidated experience of the teaching staff, who boast of an actual and substancial experience as mediators.

It puts at participants’ disposal the experience matured by its members in the management of commercial mediations in Italy and abroad.

The didactic methodology and the courses’ contents are the results of the research work done in Italy and abroad during the last 15 years. Our first theoretical method reference is the one adopted by the University of Harvard in the U.S.A.. Since it’s impossible to apply in a direct way a method created in such a different cultural and juridical context, our experience permitted us to adapt it and to create a specific method, which is adequate to the different needs of the Italian socio-economic context.

The large amount of mediations managed by the Associazione Equilibrio’s members is the result of the method that the association followed for the conduction of the Public Mediation Centres, created in many municipality districts of the Emilia Romagna Region after signing to special conventions (Ferrara; Bologna: Quartiere Saragozza - Quartiere San Donato - Quartiere Navile, Cento, San Giovanni in Persiceto, San Matteo della Decima, San Lazzaro di Savena, Reggio Emilia, San Pietro in Casale, Castel maggiore, San Giorgio di Piano, Pieve di Cento, Casalecchio di Reno, Zola Predosa, Crespellano, Castenaso, Ozzano, to mention a few) and in the municipality of Sant Pere de Ribes, in Barcellona, Spain. Associazione Equilibrio’s members also boast of an important experience in the execution of ad hoc civil and commercial mediations.

Associazione Equilibrio is the only ADR formation organization accredited by the Italian Forum for Urban Safety and the first to use the mediators’ evaluation criterias later used by Unioncamere Nazionale, the Italian Chambers of Commerce union.

Associazione Equilibrio signed a convention with:

For those reasons, Associazione Equilibrio can also give its professional advice for mediators’ and arbitration pratictioners’ formation, as well as for the mediation and arbitration services promotion, including the assistance of officials in charge of the service.