Mediators' training

Associazione Equilibrio’s training courses for Mediators are the main way to acquire a theoretical and practical approach to Mediation. Our training methodology is based on the dialogic didactic system: It implies a constant stimulus to an active participation.

At the end of the course, participants must conduct a simulated mediation and pass a final evaluation test, in order to verify the didactic acquisition level.

Training courses for Mediators are structured in 4 levels:

  • Basic level: Directed to develop an in-depth study of the normative references and to acquire the necessary competencies for an effective Mediation procedures’ management. During the course it will be studied Mediation procedure’s management, especially referring to its structural, substantial and dynamic aspects, with the aim to improve conflicts’ analysis skills and to strategically plan its management.
  • Advanced level – Training: Aimed to deepen Mediators’ skills and abilities.
  • Refresher courses and continuous training: Ad hoc training courses are provided for Mediators. The courses’ contents will be planned together with the customer, specifically for the detected training necessities.
  • Specialization level: Ad hoc training courses are provided for Mediators’ specialization in different application areas.
  • Supervision: Associazione Equilibrio practices individual’s or group’s supervision activity for Commercial Mediators.